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PS116 - "Respect for All School" 2019 Winner

                 PS 116K The Elizabeth L. Farrell Elementary School

            515 Knickerbocker Avenue

                                      Brooklyn, NY 11237

               Phone (718) 821-4623   Fax (718) 381-5749 


Catherina Garzón, Principal                                            Debbie Diaz, Assistant Principal                        

 The Value of Promoting Respect at P.S. 116K

     Respect is a powerful change agent that enforces our mission for teaching and learning. The mission at PS 116 is to cultivate, nourish, and enhance our students’ self-image. We afford our students multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in guided activities with the aim of embracing the cultural differences and mutual respect among our teachers and students.

            As part of our daily routines, we have adopted the “morning greeting” where school personnel and students are expected to show respect via the school wide greeting system. For example, we greet with a high five, a fist pump, a hug, or handshake. These are amongst some of our daily rituals. We acknowledge positive character traits every month during the Student of the Month assembly for all grades. Students in the 2nd & 3rd grade participated in the “Let’s Be Friends” curriculum. We instituted the cyber bullying curriculum “Cyber Safety” in our 4th & 5th grade classes. As part of our Respect for all Week, our students participated in a citywide art contest focusing on the No Bully Zone.

            We celebrated the inaugural “No One Eats Alone Day” with our 4th & 5th grade students & staff. The atmosphere was very inviting and the students helped to promote togetherness with their classmates and teachers. Lunchtime activities for the day included immersing different classes together for electives of fun games, conversation starters and what can be done to better implement a Bully Free Zone school. The students created a pledge and a friendship tree. The tree is situated on the wall in our cafeteria and serves as a daily reminder of positive energy for all.

As part of our expansion efforts to promote positive behavior, we have started a Boys and Girls club during the lunch periods where our school counselor selects a new cohort of students every 6- 8 weeks to embrace and develop a strong sense of community at P.S. 116.

It is our belief that helping to instill respect as a top core value will better the overall culture of the school. This then ultimately leads to more individual success as our students feel safer and more comfortable in their environment.

We encourage our students daily to Aim High, Do their best & Be caring!

 Principal Catherina Garzón